​​This medium volume model is a member of the family of the reverse hard chine, a line of performance-oriented kayaks for which BORÉALDESIGN is well known. The Labrador is designed for paddlers looking to combine speed and exceptional tracking ability with sufficient storage for excursions lasting several days. The Labrador's long waterline and hull shape are optimized to reduce the impact of wave and water friction. The Labrador is available with a variety of options, including rudder or skeg, a comfort or backband seat and the choice of adding a day hatch and third bulkhead. Length 18'4 Cockpit 16x30 Beam 21" Color available: Tequila Sunrise... $2599



This kayak is ideal for the Intermediate paddler or a beginner looking to improve their paddling technique. Its rudder allows the user to progress technically while benefiting from the advantages of a rudder. When leaning, the reverse hard chine and semi-arched hull offer excellent secondary stability and outstanding manoeuvrability.The Fjord with skeg is designed for the intermediate paddler seeking technical proficiency. The skeg control system allows the skeg to be adjusted to provide the exact amount of blade immersion required to maintain a course in windy or choppy conditions.Length 16'4" Beam 22.5 in Cockpit 16x30 Color avialble: Yellow $2199

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