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The Stellar 14' Low Volume (S14-LV) Touring Kayak is in response to demand for a smaller version of our popular S14. Designed for speed and stability for small to medium sized paddlers for touring and fitness paddling, the S14-LV has the speed of a much longer boat. Two water tight hatches allow for ample storage for day and overnight trips, while the retractable skeg in the stern helps with tracking. The S14-LV comes standard with fittings to upgrade to a rudder steered boat as well. Its short length and light weight make it ideal for those who want a high performance boat, but are short on storage space or frequently car-top their boat.

Stellar S14 LV Advantage

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Length: 13' 9"/ 4.2 m
    Beam: 22' 2"/ 56.4 cm
    Depth: 11.4" / 29 cm
    Paddler: 5' - 6' / 1.5-1.87m
    Capacity: 250 lbs / 110kg
    Cockpit W: 16.9"
    Cockpit L: 32.7"
    Bow Storage: 12.7 Gal
    Stern Storage: 24 Gal
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