We are the regions Exclusive Dealer of Riot & Boreal Kayaks

   Inventory changes weekly; various models in shop may not appear on website

Riot Mako 10 w/Pedal drive

Riot Quest 10HV Angler

Riot Mako 12 w/Pedal drive

Riot Mako 10.png
Riot Quest 10 HV Angler.png
Riot Mako 12.png

Riot Edge 11

Riot Edge 11.png

Riot Enduro 12

Riot Enduro 12.png

Riot Edge 13

Riot Edge 13.png

Not shown but presently avaialble: Boreal Baltic
Riot Quest 9.5 & 10

Boreal Ookpik.jpg

Boreal Kasko 13'  55 lbs

Boreal Kasko 13.jpg

Boreal Ookpik  13' 57 lbs

Boreal Pura 12.jpg

Boreal Pura  12'   43 lbs

Other models not shown also available, including but not limited to the Labrador; Evasion; Baltic,all Quest models,Polarity, Clear bottom & more!

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