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The Esperanto is one of the fastest plastic tandems on the market. It is easy to paddle, comfortable, stable and can reach impressive cruising speeds. A moderate rocker and a large rudder contribute to efficient turns. The practical center compartment can be used for extra storage or outed with our optional child seat/bulkhead. The cockpits are spaced sufficiently apart allowing the paddlers to paddle at their own speed without risk of accidental collision between paddles. This makes the Esperanto ideally suited for a pair of paddlers with mixed abilities, families with young children or a long expedition needing high volume of storage and displacement.

Boreal Esperanto

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  • 19′ 5″ (591 cm) 27.2″ (69 cm) 13.5″ (34.3 cm) 112.4 lbs (51 kg) 34.6 x 19.7” (88 x 50 cm) 118.3 lbs (53.7 kg)
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