Our tours generally last from 2 to 3 hours to a full-day and range in price from $49 to $89.  Cost includes kayak, paddle, pfd, and basic instruction. Prices may  vary for longer tours.
*Private outings available for groups of 4 or more*
Most Cape Cod Kayak trips are geared towards kayakers ...paddle boards may be allowed on others. Call ahead for availability.

Please note! As some trips fill up others are added.
Call for last minute add ons & up to date information!





1    AM- Kids Kayak Clinic

     PM West Falmouth Harbor

2    PM  

3    Pocasset River

4    AM-Toby Island

       PM- Monks Cove sunset

5    AM-Bassetts Island

       Paddle Fit

6    West Falmouth Harbor

7    Monks Cove

8    Pocasset River

9    Megansett Harbor

10    Back River

11    Monks Cove

12    AM- Paddle Fit

       PM-Sunset~Moonrise Paddle

13    Full Moon Paddle

14    Sunset~Moonrise

15   Pocasset River

16   Toby Island

17    Bassetts Island

18   Intro to Kayak

19 AM- Bassetts Island

              Paddle Fit

21   Monks Cove

22    Pocasset River

23   West Falmouth Harbor

25   Toby Island

26   AM   Pocasset River

                  Paddle Fit

27    PM- Monks Cove

28   Intro to Kayak

       Intro to SUP

29   AM   West Falmouth Harbor

30   Pocasset River

31    AM-  Toby Island


1  Intro to Kayak

2   SUP FIt

3   Bassetts Island

4   Intro to SUP

7   West Falmouth Harbor

8   Megansett Harbor

9  AM- SUP Fit

     PM- West Falmouth Harbor

11  Full Moon Paddle TBA

12    Sunset~Moonrise

14   Pocasset River

17th-19th  Kids Camp/Clinics

16    SUP Fit

21   Megansett Harbor

23    SUP Fit

24   Intro to SUP

30     SUP Fit   


7   AM- Bassetts Island



      Lots more to come!


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