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CAPE COD KAYAK  Tours & Events

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21st     Mashpee River
22nd   Earth Day Little Bay Cleanup
 By land or by sea! All are welcome as
we celebrate our neighborhood & plan
   Kayak rentals available for $15 for the cleanup.
Wetsuit/neoprene required. Call to reserve kayak.

   2- 5 pm
24th   Introduction to kayaking
27th   AM Barlows Coves

4th ~ Sidewalk Sale!~
         Used & discontinued gear
7    AM  Back River
8    AM  Pocasset River
11    AM   Monks Cove
12   PM   Mother's Day Getaway to Toby Island

14   PM   Seniors Paddling Clinic
18   PM   Megansett Harbor
19    PM   Back River
22    AM   Pocasset River
23    PM   Intro to Kayak
24    AM   West Falmouth arbor
25    AM   Monks Cove
26   AM   Toby Island
28   PM   Seniors Clinic
29    AM   Bassetts Island
1   PM   West Falmouth Harbor
2   PM   Megansett Harbor
6   730 AM Bird watch paddle Quissett
7   am   Megansett Harbor
8   Bassetts Island
9   Pocasset River
11   Seniors Paddling Clinc
12   PM   Bassetts Island
13   8am  Early Morning SUP
14   7 am Mashpee River Bird watch
16    2 pm Father's Day Getaway~ Toby Island
17    6 am Kayak Photo Shoot ~ Great light &
        bird sightings at this early hour

18    AM   Ockway Bay
19    Monks Cove Sunset

20   8 am   Intro to Paddleboard
21     Sunset/Moonrise Full Strawberry Moon

23    AM  West Falmouth Harbor
26    Toby Island Sunset
27    8 am  Intro to Paddleboard
       10 am  Intro to Kayak
28    PM  Kids Kayak Clinic
29    Monks Cove Paddle
30   PM  Back River

1st    Little Explorer's Club 745 am-10 am
2nd             730 am Kayak photo shoot   
am Sumer SUP series
                   (stand up paddleboard)
~offered every Tuesday at 8 am 
           & Thursday's at 9 am in July~
            Sign up for all & save 10%
3    Back River Sunset paddle
4    AM   Monks Cove
5    AM West Falmouth Harbor
6   AM  Pocasset River
7    AM   Toby Island
8  Kids Camp Session I-Day 1
          3 days, 8-11 am
     Kid's Clinic/1 day Kayak
9    9 am Early Morning SUP
       Kid's Camp Day 2
10   AM- Kid's Camp Day 3
        Kid's Clinic/1 day Paddleboard  
      PM- West Falmouth Harbor sunset tour

11     8am Intro to Paddle board 
        12 noon -Intro to Kayak
12   Monks Cove
13   Toby Island
14   PM  West Falmouth Harbor
15   Little Explorer's Club  7:45 am - 10 am

16   9 am  Early Morning SUP
                Kid's Camp Day 2
       PM- Back River
17   Pocasset River  Sunset Paddle
18   PM  Megansett Harbor
20    Sunset~Moonrise paddle
21   Sunset~ Moon rise ~Full Buck Moon
22   8 am West Falmotuh Harbor
23   9 am Early morning Paddle board
                Beginners welcome!
24    Monks Cove Sunset Paddle
25    9 am Intro to SUP/SUP practice
26   Pocasset River
29   AM  Kayak Photo Shoot Quisset
30    8 am Paddleboard
31   Megansett Harbor Sunset

1   745 am- Little Explorer's Club
    8 am Morning SUP 
               (Stand up Paddle board)
                 beginner's welcome
2    AM  West Falmouth Harbor
      PM  Monks Cove
3   AM   Toby Island
4   AM   Intro to SUP
5  AM-  Bassetts Island
6   AM  Pocasset River
7   Kids Camp Session 2 begins/3 days
              2- 5 pm
8   7 am Paddleboard
15  7 am Paddleboard
      7:45 am   Little Explorer's Club

   Lots more to come!

Our tours generally last from 2 to 3 hours to a full-day and range in price from $55 to $125.  Cost includes kayak, paddle, pfd, and basic instruction. Prices vary for longer tours.
*Private outings available for groups of 4 or more*
Most Cape Cod Kayak trips are geared towards kayakers ...paddle boards may be allowed on others. Call ahead for availability.

Please note! As some trips fill up others are added.
Call for last minute add ons & up to date information!

Now accepting reservations for the 2024 season!

Private outings available for groups of 4 or more

Sunset tours offered daily.

If you don't see it online, please call for availability (508) 563-9377

Tons in-stock! Price match guarantee!



Book your summer outing now!
Special rates for non-profits & scout groups!
Call (508) 563-9377


Welcome to Cape Cod Kayak, where we take pride in being a woman-owned, family run business. As passionate paddlers and suppliers of top notch gear,

we've created your one-stop shop for all of your paddling gear. From car topping to storing and everything you'll need to get on the water safely.

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