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  • ADD TO YOUR FISHING SUPPLIES: To have a great time on the water, you need to have the right supplies! This pole holder is just as essential as other accessories like lures, hooks, and bait. Whether you enjoy trout, salmon, or bass fishing, this pole holder is the perfect accessory for you. Attach one or multiple rod holders to your canoe, kayak, or outrigger, and you're ready to fish!
  • MAKES YOUR LIFE EASIER: Our clip-on rod holder tool is the quick and easy fishing solution that you need to add to your kayaking accessories. Sitting and holding your pole can be tedious. Luckily, we created an easy-to-use solution. The rod holder allows any avid angler to sit back and relax until they get a bite. This way, fishing really is a relaxing pastime.
  • NO TOOLS REQUIRED FOR ASSEMBLY: Unlike other reel and rod holders, the YakCatcher is easy to install right out of the package and makes you much more prepared for your boat trips to the lake, river, or ocean. To install, simply clip on, tighten the set screw, and adjust the angle with the adjustable side screw for a secure clamp.
  • RECIPES INCLUDED: For your convenience, we have included a package insert that lists delicious recipes you can try on whatever fish you catch. Bring it along while camping to have a delicious outdoor meal over the fire. It feels good to be self-sufficient and to live off the land. This fishing pole holder makes it that much easier for you to get off the grid and enjoy your time out in nature.

Yak Catcher

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